1-2 hours. Do I try to go, or should I call in…? I’m so tired

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Oh god oh god oh god

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I’m getting anxiety over this and I hate myself for it. I hate it. I’m irresponsible and unreliable and I hate it

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It’s too hot. I can’t relax. I don’t remember how to fall asleep, and it’s freaking me out.

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I can’t sleep. .. don’t know why. I want to. I’m tired. I’m miserable. Work is probably going to be hard. I don’t want to drive tired. I need to be up in two hours

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I can’t tell which of these faces it’s meant to be because honestly each one is perfect.

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Deadpool arrested on Sydney train: Police alerted to superhero armed with guns, grenades and ninja swords

by Jim O’Rourke

Scared passengers on the Emu Plains to CBD morning express called triple 0, telling police a man wearing a menacing red and black one-piece costume was carrying deadly weapons.

When the train pulled in at Blacktown station about 7.20am, uniformed officers jumped on board and bundled the man out of the carriage onto the platform.

But after police spoke to the man the found that all the “weapons” were plastic fakes and he was dressed as “Spiderman” as part of a charity fundraising campaign called Superhero Week.

He was wearing the costume to work to help raise money for Bear Cottage at Manly, a hospice for children.

The man, Reuben Rose, said he was wearing the costume to his workplace at St Leonards for the day to help convince his workmates to donate to Bear Cottage.

“The police told him to put all his gear into his bag and it was OK for him to catch the next train.

“But this train’s been held up for 10 minutes.”

Mr Rose said police did not charge him with any offence.



Oh Sydney…look he even has cupcakes….

Full article and more pics here

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i didn’t watch a single match of the world cup…apparently i missed out.

Can’t wait to never find this island in 3D 

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surface tension is a physical invisible object.


I reblog this for the science.  Moreover, I approve of insects demonstrating science.

I have to say, how people reacted to Bad Dragon's color-name choice was downright appalling. To be perfectly frank, it came down to people who were looking to complain about something ridiculous. It's a sex toy, you ram it into your genitals or rear end, and people were getting in a tizzy because they called the black toy 'Ebony'. Do you know how many porn sites, dildos, vibrators, and more have that color name? It's pathetic. If they want to 'fetishize a color', let them. Grow up, amirite?




I’m white, so I don’t really have a say on the matter of what is or isn’t offensive. Quite frankly, I don’t know why BD couldn’t have just changed the fucking name? They acted like children when confronted about it. 

The word “ebony” had been used to sexualize and objectify PoC in porn for years. Now, there’s the argument that “Ebony” is simply a type of wood, but the word had evolved into something else. It’s no longer just a color, it’s a word used to objectify and dehumanize people.

When it comes down to it, BD acted like shit and then did nothing to justify their actions or make up for it. If a large majority of people are offended by it, then why use it? They could have saved themselves a lot of trouble by just CHANGING THE FUCKING COLOR NAME. But no, they acted like fucking children. And that is why I am done with them.

And that’s just the thing, the term “ebony” is used strictly for porn. And we’re not talking about good porn, we’re talking about the PORN INDUSTRY. the same industry where women, trans folk, and PoC are TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. To the porn industry, these people are not PEOPLE, they are SHOCK VALUE. That’s fucking disgusting and I will never support that garbage.

I’m really tired of hearing: “oh it’s JUST a color name for a SEX TOY! EL OH EL YOU SJWS ARE SO CRAZY YOU ALWAYS FIND THINGS TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!” So if you’re going to send me more messages like this I’m going to ignore them. And if I see any of you making shitty comments, I will personally take your name off of every fucking giveaway we do. 

If any of my followers would like to add to this, please feel free. I’m not very good at explaining things, so I’m sure some of you would have a better time getting your point across! 

As a Black female, ebony is one of the top terms I hate for similar reasons the OP listed. When it’s used to describe a person in a sexual way (especially a female) that line is crossed. BD had no problem changing one of the other terms (it was changed to either peach or pale) because people found it offensive. So if they don’t see why people don’t like the term ebony then it’s a huge problem.

I didn’t see this reply because I was busy, but I figured I’d reblog it regardless! Thank you for your input! ♥

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I got this guys.


okay yeah sketch looking okay


now let’s slap a neat-ass lineart on that!



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I’m working on my “Advantages of Asexual Behavior” post right now and I mean to talk about it mostly in vertebrates since that’s what people have such a hard time believing but I’m getting so sidetracked on a tangent about how weird and unusual sexual behavior even is and how we’re all literally big colonies of cell clones and why it was a stupid idea to make specialized cell types and how actually unsuccessful multicellular organisms are in the long run.

At some point I’ll talk about African wild dogs and naked mole rats and komodo dragons but right now I’m all like cells??? SEX????

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