The absence of women in history is man made.

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Am I wrong but isn’t CAMAB and CAFAB supposed to be used for intersex people? Because that was when a decision was made, for most intersex people parents with the help of doctors make a decision at birth there for coercing them into being a particular sex. 

Raising a child based on their biological sex isn’t coercion, right? It’s just making an assumption that is generally right so that’s why AMAB and AFAB seem more appropriate to me, personally.   

What are you opinions on the subject? I’m curious. 

The movement of the terms CAMAB and CAFAB are good examples of transphobia. They were created by trans people (specifically, CAMAB was coined by trans women and CAFAB was later extrapolated from it by trans men) to point out that birth assignment != biological sex - that the entire “biological sex” concept, in fact, was bunk. What we call “biological sex” is really assigned sex, reinforced by a steady diet of coercive behavior through childhood and into adulthood.

Intersex people started using these terms because they felt that the terms expressed something that spoke to them. The trans people who coined the terms went “Ok, that’s fair.” But then some IS activists turned around and said “These are OUR words. You can’t use them. In fact, they always WERE our words.” And that mutated history became “official” because the GLBT movement was built on stolen effort from trans women anyway.

"Raising a child based on their biological sex isn’t coercion, right?"

Yes, it is coercive, even for kids who turn out to be cisgender. Anatomy doesn’t tell you about someone’s personality, what they will like or dislike as they grow older. Raising someone based on their “biological sex” really means raising them into a gender role based on external anatomy. Binary sex is a construct, just as social gender roles are a construct. Neither says anything about an individual as a person. Raising a child based on “biological sex” is really about raising them into the social role of man or woman, which is a coercive act.

The borders of these roles are policed. Behaviors within both categories are regulated. If you break those rules, you are ostracized. Social isolation is one of the most painful ways to hurt someone apart from physical violence. Humiliation is also a common form of punishment for breaking gender norms. Children are especially sensitive to these modes of behavioral control, as they don’t have the resources to assert themselves in the face of such an attack, especially not if it comes from parents as well as everyone else in their community. They don’t even have to be attacked themselves; many kids learn to fall in line just from seeing the fallout when other children break from gender norms.

Some parents raise their kids into one gender role with the caveat that the child can choose to change to the other role if they want to. This is a step in the right direction, and sometimes is a necessary compromise because we don’t live in an ideal world where we can raise our kids however we want without being judged by others. But even then, a child is told, “Box A or box B. Choose one and stick with it.” In the grander scheme it’s still coercion. There’s still a border and two sets of acceptable behavior.

Other parents allow their kids to express themselves however they like, while also informing them how others might react if they break from the norm. As far as I’ve seen, this is the healthiest way to allow kids to find their own identity. Neither punishing them nor encouraging them to behave one way or another with regards to gender, and being honest with them about what could happen in the outside world while reassuring them it’s still ok to be who they are. The closer we get as a society to removing gendered expectations and not policing behavior with regards to gender, the closer we get to allowing everybody–not just trans people–to be who they really are.





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For Kendall

I remember as a kid this fight was the coolest thing ever. It still is.

When the side characters are way cooler than the main characters.

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top six reasons to watch Kamen Rider W:image

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another set of stickers for AX in july. hopefully more people than just me will be interested in having these ones b/c i want to stick them everywhere

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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

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Apparently Dan mentioned Ross being jacked in Bali at one point in an episode today. I give you the picture, because I’m his spouse and I’m allowed to be evil like that. 

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