I’m going to hatch a bunch of Growlithes to get my mind off my failures and then go to bed

I’m constantly dumbfounded at how poor the English skills of my classmates are. But then again, I failed College Algebra even after lots of supplemental tutoring provided by the school. I wonder if other students think I’m an idiot for failing anyway?

I guess English is just my strong point. Still, I’m struggling not to judge. I think internalizing a sense of superiority in one subject comforts the feelings of inadequacy brought on by straight-up flunking a class in another subject.

Persona Q ~Escape from Cyber Labyrinth~

fearthisphantom pointed this out to me and I had to add it

Persona Q ~Escape from Cyber Labyrinth~

fearthisphantom pointed this out to me and I had to add it


i want to achieve “she’s adorable and i will protect her at all costs but also i am slightly frightened by her power”


The Snoop Dogg/Iggy Azalea beef illuminates the intersectionality burdens that black feminists face when it comes to Hip Hop.

Either we’re forced to excuse Snoop’s misogynistic comments towards Iggy because we’re black, or we’re forced to defend Iggy because we’re women…when they’re both wrong.

And misogyny was never an issue in regards to any black female rappers, but when it’s a white female rapper, the world capes for her.

There’s levels to this.




When are folks gonna learn?

Do we know which Home Depot in Charleston, IL to call to get this piece of shit fired?

1301 Fort Worth Way, Mattoon, IL 61938
(217) 235-0700


i really need people to stop talking about mras only in terms of fedoras/being bronys/how unkempt they are, etc. because there are dudes out here looking like hollister models who need to be held just as accountable for their creepy/misogynistic behavior

and don’t get me started on how y’all aren’t saying “unkempt” y’all are saying fat slobs who only eat doritos and mtn. dew 


your fatphobia isn’t progressive and there are dudes out here eating organic free range flax seed compote and saying the same shit that the doritos dudes are okay

they don’t get a pass just because they’re conventially attractive



get this shit off my home page

to the person who peer-reviewed my essay and wrote in pencil (the other two used pen): you’re kind of an idiot

consider the following


sherlockians, instead of saying “im a high functioning sociopath” why don’t you try saying “I’m an ableist piece of shit” instead